Saturday, December 1, 2012


All are washing our face daily twice or thrice or whenever we are going to rest room all the times we are washing our face.

But are we washing our face correctly?  Do not know please see are you following the washing methods.

1.  Wash your hands before washing your face.  After that apply cleanser with small cotton piece  in to your face and cleanse the face.  If you are having dry skin, apply creamy cleanser and if you are having oily skin apply watery cleanser .. one or two times daily.  More than two times will swipe away the natural  moisture too.

2. Water .. wash with lukewarm water which will remove the dust from your face.  After wash dry the skin.  So your face will shine.

3. Face wash ..  Now face wash are very popular.  You can apply soap for the face once or twice.  But you can apply face wash whenever you are washing your face.  Clean the face with water and apply the face wash and massage  and wash thoroughly.    Please keep in mind never do the massage more than 1 or 2 minutes

4. FACIAL SCRUB .. It is advisable to do with fingers with circular movement only 3 or 4 minutes and weekly once or twice which will remove the dead cells from the skin.  You can use home facial scrubs like oil with sugar or salt mix together and apply on the skin. 

Follow the above tips and keep your face glowing.

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