Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Men's wont tell something to all.  The following are the details about their secret.

They wont inform their salary and their expenses to all.  Because their strength is their income and weakness is their expenses.  So they wont reveal those things to all.   Because if they spent more means we know what and where they are spending.  So they do not want to show those things.

They does not allow their girl friend to degrade their driving skill.  If the girl tell about their driving skill they thought that it is against their manliness.  So though the girls are having doubt they should not ask directly.  They may tell that shall we go by taxi or shall we appoint any driver.

They are keeping more love on their mom.  The girl should not treat their mom as their enemy then the problem will become double.  So have to adjust with their mom and lead the life then the life will be smooth.

They will give first preference to friendship and also keep their friends details secretly.  They expect his wife and family should give respect to their friends.  Though if the friends are not good in nature but they wont reveal this to public.  They wont leave the friendship as well as friends too.