Sunday, July 15, 2012


A RECENT NEWS .. gave shock to me .. a Lecturer committs suicide because of obesity.  Such an educated person she cannot tolerate others words cos of her obese she commits suicide.   I surfed through net regarding this topic and I found that recent research found that those who are waking up early in the morning are keeping their looks fit.

Why and how?  My aunt is also accept this fact.  Wake up early in the morning means all your work will complete, and you can take your breakfast and lunch  and dinner in correct time.  What is the correct time, morning 7, afternoon 12 and night 7 is the correct time for a healthy life.

After night 7'o clock never eat anything.  Because from 7 pm to 5 am we all are sleeping well and we cannot burn energy much.  But in the 7,12,7 timings we can have our food and we can easily burn our energy

Also use the following tips.
* never sit in a place for more than 30 minutes
* have your food in regular intervals
* Do the house hold works yourselves
* never use lift 

Follow the tips and reduce the weight......


  1. nice tips :)

  2. Nice. Its one of those things that affects us all.

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