Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Which part of the body should not go down......??????
All the parts are very very important.  But if a person cannot able to see means it is very very difficult, cannot explain in words....
If  a human cannot able to help means we are going to god. 

Please visit this  TEMPLE NAMED "ENKANN" (OUR THINKING IS EYES) which is available it is Mugandanur.  The way is Thanjavur to Nagapattinam route Mugandanur village.

A historical events taken place in this temple.  A king named Muthurathachozhan he called the Architect and ask him to make a Murugan Statue.   That architect made a beautiful statue .  The king was very happy after seeing the statue and he thought no one should make a statue like that, so he cut the thumb finger of the architect, but the architect again made a same statue with further more beauty, after seeing that king got much angry and he removed the eyes of the architect. Even though he was having the figure on his mind again he made the statue very perfect beautiful and he got back his vision, his thump.  King realised his mistake.

If you visit this temple and all your eye problem will vanish.

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