Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how to remove moustache on women;s face

Though technology has developed a lot, but removal of moustache on the women's face is still hanging.

Most of the women going to parlor and  removing through waxing and some people do threading, bleaching.  But after 15 days it is again coming on their face.  

It is totally giving embarrassing situation, one of my friend told to use  one 'PONNADHARAM' which is available in Nattu marundhu shops. 

You buy and grind with water and apply in the area in night.  Next day morning wash with warm water, then all the hair will go and it will not grow again.

Thanks my friend


  1. Can you please post the picture of Ponnadharam.. I bought and used it. But no result.. I wanna know tat i used real ponadharam or not. So can yo please post the picture. Thanks in advance..

    1. Ok I wll post it no sooner I get that. Pls wait

  2. Thanks Ms.Latha.. Am waiting for that

  3. I have heard that it is poisonous. Is that so?

  4. HI...Even I tried and no result .... Is it true that ponadharam removes hair ?