Sunday, January 29, 2012


All the people love beauty.

If you follow the tips, you will get rid of all the problems and you too may glow like a Miss universe

1. Some people may have dark circle outside of their eyes.
    Daily apply the mixer of caster oil, turmeric powder and pinch 
    of salt.  Within 1 months time the dark circle will go away.

2. The acne's marks can go away if you apply the following mixer 
     daily for 1 month .
     Pudina juice, Lemon juice & a pinch of gram flour and apply on 
     the area and wait for 30 minutes and after that you can remove 
     that mixer with warm water and apply ice cubes on the marks.
     After a months time your acne marks will go away.

3. Gray hair .. Now a days young persons too affected by gray hair.   
    To get rid from that .. you apply the paste of amla's flush and 
    wash after 1 hour.  If you continually doing for a months time
    the gray hair will go off.


  1. nice tips...thanks for sharing.

  2. good tips but i feel somewhat to use castor oil - its too thick & doesn't go easily

    1. Thanks Sujatha. Castor oil .. is too good.