Saturday, November 5, 2011


A CLEAN HOME is important for the health and well being of our family.  It gives positive energy, devels, good thoughts and prompts success in all areas.  

On the other hand, a house kept dirty, results in illness and creates negative energy.

Rules for clean home
"A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE" is easy to read but difficult to practice.  Any how trial is not going to cost much.

First set a schedule for cleaning 
.. 15 minutes every day
.. Few hours in a week end

Second do not accumulate clutter.  Remove the dirt then and there which will save your time.  Delegate the cleaning jobs to our kids also to inculcate this habit in their minds.

While doing cleaning to avoid tiredness and boredom, switch lively music and set a small goal within yourself to complete each task before the song is completed.  Once you feel that work is accomplished do not avoid rewarding yourself by patting. 

To keep the germ washed away, area of cleaning should be bathrooms and toilets, at first the floor should be kept dry once you used it.  Secondly kitchen should be attended which has got direct connection in keeping your body in condition.  Sink is the most vulnerable area for eruption of germs.  With the utensils by suing a cloth after you wash.

**Clean the Refrigerator once in a week.  Let the garbage be removed now and then.  

**Bed room should be kept clean to have a serene relationship in the family. 

Finally, living room, where every person entering your house walks in first and forms an image, should be taken care off.

Getting things in order will make you feel great.  Once make it in your mind to keep your home clean, it will become a habit for you, which would spread lots of positive energy in your house.  You will be the hero in your family for all the good things that happen in your life.