Saturday, October 29, 2011


Do you have the following problem:- OBESE, NON-EXERCISING,OLD AGE.

Try to follow the following exercise and please be relax
1. Put some ice cubes on the pain area in the ratio of 15 minutes in one hour.
2. Raise your knees up to the maximum extent possible.  It will reduce the swelling in knees
3.Put pillow both bottom and sides of knees.

To reduce the knee pain the required two main things are rest and exercise.  Also take care of your intake too.

Do not eat Sweet, Fatty items, non-veg items, saturated drinks etc.

Please add fruits, Dall & vegetables in your daily diets which will reduce the knee pains.


  1. cant think of not eating non-veg even if i were ever to suffer from arthritis :(

    arthritis is a common ailment these says isnt it. too many cases of it including youngsters