Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Have you heard of the saying..
"Children walk to school but run back to home?'
Do you think it is true?

Many young children are tearful during their first days at school.  Do you remember your first days at School?
Were you cheerful or sad?

This is was questions asked by me by my son's school principal?

I was totally embarrassed after hearing those questions?  I was the one who was not willing to go to school and I cried for more than 6 months in the initial stage.  This was the statement given  by my mom when we were planning to admit my son in to school.

I informed the principal that those days have gone.  Now children are very shrewd and they want to meet different type of people and I don't think so.

Principal appreciated me and he welcome my son to the class room.  He is not willing to go to classroom and he tied my shoulder tightly and little tears start coming from his eyes.  

I removed him from me with full of pain on my heart and came back from the school.

What to do?  It is his future? He has to study well?  All the proverb has gone.  Only motherliness.  Hmmmm feel the loneliness.

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