Sunday, April 1, 2012


BELIEVE IN YOU.  It is a main mantra for success

There is often a fine line between convincing somebody your views are valid and annoying them..... In some of the techniques you can use if you want to convince another individual to believe what you believe.

Do the homework

Learn the field... for certain areas you will need to know more than just the facts as some subjects are subjective.

Engage the person politely.  Maintain eye contact where possible but don't be annoying about it.

Establish mutual respect.  You will never convince anybody of anything if they believe you do  not respect them.

Gain trust .. To convince people of most things you will need their trust.

Listen carefully to what your debate partner has to say.  Respond thoughtfully to their point of view.

Be willing to be convinced.  Sometimes accepting one point from the other person and showing that you can change your mind when you are wrong will help them to be the same and change their mind about the subject you care about.


Active listening helps you control a conversation and keeps it on track.  Active listening techniques includes:

Non-verbal feed back, Nodding your head as the other talks etc.

Make sure you understand the other person's objections and respond to them in an intelligent manner......


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