Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Most of the women are talkative.  Some times it is OK, but it wont give good results.  It is always giving bad name to the person who is always talking.

If you talk more it will lead to quarrel, and you cannot tell what you want to tell.  Also your husband or boyfriend will not listen at you if you are over talking.  So talk less and gain more.

Some times  wives will tell about their husband that he is not listening my words.  My simple suggestions, don't open your mouth for at least one week.  He will definitely come to you and ask is their anything.  At that time also never open your mouth fully, tell what you want in a diplomatic way.  He will listen, answer and will take action if needed.

Talk very calmly
Talk very less
Think twice before talking

A person who is not talking much will get more attraction in the public and respect too. 

So talk less and get respect more.

More so if you are not talking much you can hear more.  So double advantages, your energy will not go and you can gain the details from others also.

Talk less..................................

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