Friday, August 24, 2012


Who is not loving gold.  No one in this world. That is because of social status.  In an advertisement Actor Vijay told (EVALAVU IRUKO AVALAVU MADHIPU) means gold will decide the status of a person.

But now upward trend in gold price is going on.  Predictions says It wont come down in the near future. The main reason is because of the dollar fluctuations.  That too now that auspicious days are coming who are having marriages and functions in their families has to buy the gold whatever be the rate.

To days rate of gold

In Chennai .. 22 carat .. Rs.2905
In Mumbai  ..                  Rs.2797
In Delhi ..                       Rs.2841
In Kolkatta                   Rs.2838

Investors are also increasing day by day and they stop investing in land and are investing in Gold.

However it may be a good news for business people and for the ordinary people it is a shocking news...

..... How ever gold is always needed. ...

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